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Accelerated Research Masters with Training

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Expand your knowledge with a globally recognised research degree and undertake training in any discipline.

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Our Accelerated Research Masters with Training is a globally recognised, 12-month alternative pathway for graduate students who wish to expand their knowledge and undertake research in any given area.

The course has a deep focus on an interdisciplinary approach, where you will work collectively with your peers to address and provide answers to key United Nations Sustainable Development Goals through a tailored unit in design thinking. You will also learn about research methods, the importance of research impact and you will work with a supervisory team to undertake research in your chosen area of interest. Throughout your studies, you will:

  • Gain high-level technical and creative skills to investigate, analyse and synthesise complex information, problems, concepts and theories.
  • Apply theories to different bodies of knowledge or practice.
  • Have the opportunity to plan and execute a substantial research-based project.
  • Gain theoretical knowledge to reflect critically on theory and professional practice.

For further information on Graduate Research Degrees, see the Future Research Students page.

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