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Hiring grads with degrees in: Engineering, Maths, IT, Computer Sciences & Business Administration.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded Google in September 1998 with a mission to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful. Since then, the company has grown to more than 90,000 employees worldwide, with a wide range of popular products and platforms like Search, Maps, Cloud, Ads, Gmail, Android, the Assistant, Made by Google devices and YouTube.

Google has opportunities for students with a variety of diverse backgrounds and degrees; whether you are studying a technical degree such as computer science or engineering, or commerce or business-related degree, you'll find paths to explore Google that creates impact and builds leaders.

Our graduates work on products that touch billions of people around the globe and transform the way they access and use information. Come join us.

Ways to connect:

Kick Start

Ready to solve fun, challenging problems? Kick Start hosts online rounds throughout the year, giving participants the opportunity to test and grow their coding abilities while getting a sample of the programming skills needed for a technical career at Google. Participate in one — or join them all! Register today @ g.co/kickstart

Connect with Google

Connect with Google (CwG) partners with university students throughout their studies, and maintains that relationship through varied touch-points over an extended period of time. CwG tailors content to the individual students location, degree level, background, experience, and interests. Sign up at goo.gl/aCvwdA

Build for everyone.

A problem isn't truly solved until it's solved for all. Googlers build products that help create opportunities for everyone, whether down the street or across the globe. Bring your insight, imagination and a healthy disregard for the impossible. Bring everything that makes you unique. Together, we can build for everyone.

In our Sydney office, our Software Engineer graduates get to work on products like Google Maps, used by a billion people around the world. In fact, a graduate worked on Google StreetView as a project, giving you the chance to explore vibrant panoramic views of places worldwide from the underwater imagery of the Great Barrier Reef to your own house. Now, this former new grad leads a large global team on Google Maps, a product that allows you to navigate your way around the globe by driving, public transit, walking, cycling, and even by Trolley Car in Nepal.

Other Software Engineer graduates get to build crisis maps that are used in times of natural disaster, helping people find and use critical emergency information when they need it most. And they’re working on some of the world’s coolest technology challenges, like how to make cars smarter or build products for the next billion users to come online for the first time.

Our Business graduates shape how new and existing business grow through their knowledge of online media combined with their communication skills and analytical abilities. They set the vision and the strategy for how our clients’ advertising can reach thousands of users. They are the face of Google!

At Google, all of our graduates get the chance to make a positive difference in the lives of millions of people every day.

Our graduate and internship opportunities:

Engineering & Technical Jobs - You’re a curious and collaborative visionary, someone excited about tackling the hard problems in technology. Google is and always will be an engineering company that thinks big and takes risks. Together, we’ll create and iterate on the products and tools of the future for billions of users. Below is a list of our main technical internship and graduate opportunities;

Software Engineer, University Graduate:

We need our engineers to be versatile and passionate to tackle new problems as we continue to push technology forward. As a key member of a small and versatile team, you design, test, deploy and maintain software solutions.

Software Engineering Internship:

In this 12 week internship, you would work on our core products and services as well as those who support critical functions of our engineering operations.

Student Training in Engineering Program (STEP) Internships:

Designed to provide exposure for second year students in the technology industry. Targeted at students who are historically underrepresented in the technology sector including (but not limited to) women, LGBTQI+, students with a disability and indigenous students. This internship provides students with personal and professional development, programming skills and mentoring.

Business Roles:

These encompass consultative sales and customer experience internships and graduate positions within our Google Cloud and Google Customer Solutions team (GCS). Whichever path you choose, business roles are a home for those that want to make an impact at Google. They are the backbone of Google’s success, the account managers and strategists in these roles are all dedicated to top-notch client service and growing the business.

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We got the inside scoop on what it take to land a gig at Google - and what ‘Googley’ means!

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Stephanie Borgman, Sydney Site Program Manager for Google Australia and New Zealand, tackles a few common misconceptions about Google.

How to get hired at Google

We got the inside scoop on what it take to land a gig at Google - and what ‘Googley’ means!

5 Myths about Google

Stephanie Borgman, Sydney Site Program Manager for Google Australia and New Zealand, tackles a few common misconceptions about Google.