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Events: A Day in a Life - Explore 5 yech career journeys over 5 weeks (virtual)

Next to trying it for yourself, the best way to discover what the FDM Consultant experience is really like is to hear it from the source. Each week you can meet consultants working in different areas of the tech space and learn their insider perspectives.

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Wed 22 Feb 2023, 3:00pm
Wed 22 Mar 2023, 4:00pm
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  • You’re a student, you've graduated, (or about to), and find yourself looking for a job…
  • You feel passionate about the idea of working in tech…
  •  You’re now wondering how to turn that into a career

There are some people we think you should meet. FDM Graduate Consultants sharing their stories with you:

A Day in the Life series

22.02.23 - Business Analysis/Intelligence @Zoom

01.03.23 - Software Development @Zoom

08.03.23 - Technical Analysis/DevOps @Zoom

15.03.23 - Data/Cloud Engineering @Zoom

22.03.23 - She Lives Tech @Zoom

Not long ago, these people were you. Students, looking at their next steps after graduating, weighing the options – wondering…

Then, decisions were made, and careers were launched with the FDM Graduate Program. And they want to give you insight.