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My role is to provide a ‘data compass’ which is equipping the leadership team with a broad view of the data and helping them identify trends or inconsistencies.

6.00 AM

I wake up to an alarm that sounds like a nuclear meltdown, while the sun lights up my room from the windows. I swipe through today’s news and have a quick shower before I’m on the way to the station, brushing my afro into shape on the way.

7.00 AM

I catch the train to Sydney’s Town Hall station where I stop at the local Woolies for a breakfast snack! Blueberries or raspberries are my usual go-to. A ham and cheese croissant is another favourite. It’s a pleasant walk from here to Darling Harbour. The office I’m in is bright and super spacious and there are plenty of treats in the kitchen!

CBA Keaan Mason

8.00 AM

After having a brief chat to my manager, I normally dive straight into reporting. There’s lots of variety in the type of reporting we do here.

Keaan Mason 2

My role is to provide a ‘data compass’ which is equipping the leadership team with a broad view of the data and helping them identify trends or inconsistencies. If the data isn’t pointing in the same direction as a corresponding report, we know we need to investigate and fix any errors we come across.

9.00 AM

Reporting is one of my most important tasks – where I compile all of the data for our leadership team. For one of my projects I get to pool together with stakeholders from across the business and together we tackle reporting to ensure our data and insights are presented clearly and effectively. I really enjoy chatting to my colleagues as I scoot back and forth across the office.

Keaan Mason 3

11.30 AM - 12.00 PM

It’s lunchtime! There’s a sweet little alleyway just downstairs filled with everything from Japanese matcha curry to super fresh bahn mi sandwiches. Darling Harbour is a pretty place, so sitting outside with lunch, and soaking up the sun is my preference.

Keaan Mason 4

1.00 PM

My afternoon starts with report automation. A lot of my work involves finding ways to make the way we work more efficient. Once I’ve finished that, I create some simple instructions for people to follow so that [the task] can be done even when someone from the team is away. While the whole process usually involves multiple excel spreadsheets and more formulas than I can count, the feeling of simplifying or making something easier never gets old.

3.00 PM

Partway through this exercise, I get asked to help with ad hoc reporting tasks. [These tasks] can be anything from reporting on mandatory e-learning results to investigating and building staging reports. Some of our reporting requirements are still being built so my team must be flexible and quickly adapt to change. While I understand this might be tricky for some people, I really enjoy the variety and new challenges.

Keaan Mason 5

5.30 PM

Time to catch the train home. In between watching YouTube videos, I use this time to catch up on group-wide messages with my closest friends.

Keaan Mason 6

6.00 PM

It’s been a big day, so it’s time for some rest and recuperation. The food choices around Sydney are pretty spectacular so every now and then my housemates and I dig into some Korean BBQ just next to our house. Tonight, my six online buddies and I play a zombie game. After many laughs, we call it quits an hour later. I’m looking forward to another action-packed day tomorrow.

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