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Jasmine Sharpe

I was weighing up as to whether or not to become a Midwife but in the end, my love for numbers won and I chose accounting. 

What's your name and job title? 
My name is Jasmine Sharpe and I’m at Graduate Finance Officer at BAE Systems Australia.

What did you study? 
Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) at the University of South Australia.  I graduated in 2018.

Do you identify with a particular tribe or people?
I am a Kokatha woman from the Far West Coast of South Australia.

Where did you grow up? 
I grew up in Ceduna on the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia. 

How did you get to your current job position?

Throughout University I was given the opportunity to get involved with CareerTrackers. CareerTrackers are a not-for-profit organisation that provide internship opportunities to aboriginal/Torres strait islander students. 

I undertook a three-month internship at BAE Systems whilst I was at university.  Following my graduation, I was hired into BAE Systems’ graduate program.  I started in February 2019.

Did you face any obstacles as an indigenous student/graduate? 
I have not faced any obstacles in my career to date.

Through my experience as an intern at BAE Systems, I came to learn that BAE Systems was a culturally safe workplace.  As a graduate, I have continued to experience this and have been supported to attend cultural events.

How did you choose your specialisation?
I have been interested in working with numbers and problem solving for as long as I can remember.  I was weighing up as to whether or not to become a Midwife but in the end, my love for numbers won and I chose accounting. 

What was your interview process like? 

It was a very simple process – both the application and interview.  During the interview, I was asked for examples of how I have demonstrated the skills that I had listed in my resume.

What does your employer do?
BAE Systems is a technology company.  We provide engineering, program management and sustainment solutions to ensure that the Australian Defence Force and security customers have the capability they need. 

What are your areas of responsibility?
My key responsibilities include month-end reports, budgets and ensuring the line of business I work in adheres to the company’s financial policies.

Can you describe a typical workday? 
My typical day at work is providing financial information to finance managers and project managers. The last thing I worked on was a project accounting audit to ensure – auditing the financial practices within the line of business against our Finance Policies Manual.

What are the career prospects with your job?

BAE Systems encourages employees to move around the business. 

I can’t say exactly where in the business I will move into but opportunities are endless. I would like to work in other parts of the business and in a large project such as the Hunter Class shipbuilding project.  Whatever happens, I know I will be supported to develop my career.  

What would your career be if you weren’t doing what you’re doing now? 
I would probably become a midwife!

What do you love the most about your job? 
BAE Systems has a great working culture.  In terms of the work - I enjoy all of the tasks that I do.  With every task I complete, I learn something new.

What’s the biggest limitation of your job? 
I’ve not found any limitations in my role.  I obviously do have some responsibility (what job wouldn’t!) but I am supported well.  

There is no weekend work and stress levels are not excessive.  I am really enjoying my job.